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Fiscal Management

DA-Fiscal Management Goals and Objectives (pdf document)
File Size: 124.82 kb

Issued 09/23/1996

DAFG-Overtime and Compensatory Time (pdf document)
File Size: 162.77 kb

Issued 10/8/2012

DAFG-R-Overtime Pay (Non-Exempt Employees) (pdf document)
File Size: 175.87 kb

Issued 9/24/2012

DCB-School District Fiscal Year (pdf document)
File Size: 134.86 kb

Issued 03/10/1980

DCC-Annual Operating Budget Preparation Procedures (pdf document)
File Size: 118.72 kb

Issued 03/10/1980

DCE-Annual Operating Budget Final Adoption Procedures (pdf document)
File Size: 118.51 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

DE-Debt Limitation (pdf document)
File Size: 121.52 kb

Issued 11/23/1987

DFBA-Tax Anticipation Notes (pdf document)
File Size: 120.13 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

DFC-Federal Aid To School Districts (pdf document)
File Size: 123.4 kb

Issued 03/10/1980

DFC-E-Federal Aid (pdf document)
File Size: 65.4 kb

DFE-Short Term Notes (Borrowing) (pdf document)
File Size: 51.36 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

DFF-R-Grants, Fund Proposals and Application (pdf document)
File Size: 61.73 kb

Issued 10/20/1986

DFLA/DFLB-School Fund Investment (pdf document)
File Size: 122.57 kb

Issued 11/23/1987

DFM-Equipment and Supplies Sales (pdf document)
File Size: 122.25 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

DG-Depository of Funds (pdf document)
File Size: 121.6 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

DH-Bonded Employees (pdf document)
File Size: 122.68 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

DI-Accounting and Reporting (pdf document)
File Size: 131.04 kb

Issued 11/28/2005

DIA-Accounting System (pdf document)
File Size: 121.15 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

DIB-Financial Reports and Statements (pdf document)
File Size: 118.5 kb

Issued 11/23/1987

DID-Audits (pdf document)
File Size: 120 kb

Issued 11/28/2005

DJB-R-Petty Cash Accounts (ocx document)
File Size: 21.04 kb

Issued 9/23/2013

DJD-Expense Reimbursements (pdf document)
File Size: 124.49 kb

Issued 03/10/1980

DJD-R-Support Staff Employees: Training & Travel (pdf document)
File Size: 8.74 kb

Issued 07/21/2000

DJE-R-Purchasing (pdf document)
File Size: 119.16 kb

Issued 11/14/2005

DJEA-Administrative Purchasing Authority (pdf document)
File Size: 165.86 kb

Issued 1/27/2014

DJEA-R1-Purchasing Authority (pdf document)
File Size: 81.27 kb

Issued 4/25/1988

DJEA-R2-Gifts/Gift Cards (pdf document)
File Size: 185.64 kb

Issued 2/10/2014

DJEA-R3-Food and Beverages Purchasing (pdf document)
File Size: 89.77 kb

Issued 1/13/2014

DJECB-Purchasing Procedure (pdf document)
File Size: 120 kb

Issued 11/28/2005

DJEDA-Bidding Requirements and Procedures: Goods and Services (pdf document)
File Size: 9.81 kb

Issued 03/14/2005

DJEDA-R-District Technology Purchases and Software/Application Acquisition (pdf document)
File Size: 184.1 kb

Issued 9/22/2014

DJEDB-Bidding Requirements and Procedures: Construction (pdf document)
File Size: 66.54 kb

Issued 04/09/2012

DJEE-Local Purchasing (pdf document)
File Size: 51.89 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

DJG-Vendor Relations (pdf document)
File Size: 5.78 kb

Issued 09/26/1988

DK-Student Funds Management (pdf document)
File Size: 120.55 kb

Issued 02/22/1988

DN-Surplus Funds (pdf document)
File Size: 119.63 kb

Issued 02/22/1988

DO-Real Property Disposal Procedures  (pdf document)
File Size: 120.58 kb

Issued 08/14/1995

DO-R-Destruction of Records  (pdf document)
File Size: 39.98 kb

Issued 12/06/1999