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BPS Mission: "All students will have the academic, social, and personal skills to be college, career, and community ready."

BPS Vision: "Together, we inspire a passion for learning, discovery, and excellence."

Activities Brochure

BPS sports & fine arts co-curricular activities brochure (pdf document)
File Size: 413.15 kb

for students in grades 6-12

Activities Schedules

Activities Schedules (link)

This page contains the scheduling information for athletics and fine arts.

Annual Report

Annual Report 2015-2016 (pdf document)
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Assessment Info

Boundary information

Boundary Maps

Feeder System

Fast Facts

Fast Facts

BPS Vision/Mission

BPS Vision/Mission 2015-2018


Transportation Information


NEW 2016-17 calendar  (pdf document)
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2017-18 school calendar approved (pdf document)
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Change of Address Form

Change of address form (pdf document)
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Counseling Brochure

Elementary Counseling Brochure (pdf document)
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Common Core Standards

Common Core Info FAQ's (pdf document)
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Communicating with Parents

Communicating with Parents (pdf document)
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Curriculum Standards - Grades K-5

Explanation of Report Card (pdf document)
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Kindergarten (pdf document)
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First grade (pdf document)
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Second grade (pdf document)
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Third grade (pdf document)
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Fourth grade (pdf document)
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Fifth grade (pdf document)
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Data: BPS Commitment to Responsible Use of Data

BPS Commitment to Responsible Use of Data and Data Privacy

Divorce & Custody Issues

Divorce Brochure (pdf document)
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Education Words & Terms Glossary

Education Words & Terms Glossary

Employee Directory Search

Employee Directory Search

Enrollment Numbers

2016-17 First Day Enrollment (pdf document)
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Demographic Projections 2-5-15.pdf (pdf document)
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Find Your School

Find Your School

We encourage parents and students to use Infofinderi to determine which schools a particular address is assigned to. When you type in the address, put the house number first, then the street name, then the direction. Do not use punctuation.

Example: 1009 1st St N instead of 1009 N. 1st St.

If you have difficulty using Infofinderi, call 323-4502


Food Programs and Wellness Info

Benefits of Healthy Celebrations

Birthday Celebration Menu

Healthy School Snacks

Friday Flier

5-26 Friday Flier (pdf document)
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4-12 Friday Flier (pdf document)
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Friday Flier Cost Sample 2016-17 (pdf document)
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Friday Flier Deadlines 2016-17 (pdf document)
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Friday Flier Guidelines 2016-17 (pdf document)
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Getting online at home

Getting online at home


Parent Letter on Standards Based Grading (pdf document)
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Report Card Explanation (pdf document)
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Standards Based on Grading (pdf document)
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Understanding Standards (pdf document)
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Lunch Menus

Lunch Menus

 Log into MyPayments Plus

Opt Out Information

This is the annual notification to parents and eligible students regarding confidentiality and student records. The purpose of this notice is to inform you of your rights under two federal laws - the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA).

Opt Out Letter 2016-17 (pdf document)
File Size: 373.45 kb

This survey, administered to students in grades 6 - 12, is used by United Way to determine community needs. The survey is anonymous, and asks questions about developmental experiences that students, families, schools, community groups, and family-serving organizations provide to young people.

Search Institute Survey (pdf document)
File Size: 564.35 kb

2016-17 Thumbnail Sketch

Partner Link

Partner Link

PowerSchool Login

 Log into PowerSchool A Username and Password are required to access PowerSchool. If you do not have a Username and Password, contact your school office.

Parents and students can access PowerSchool and view current grades, assignment scores, and attendance for the classes in which they or their child(ren) are currently enrolled.

PowerSchool: Parent Video

PowerSchool: Parents and Students (link)

Project Based Learning

PBL in Bismarck Public Schools

PBL information: (

PBL research: (

Registration & Transfer

Registration & Transfer

Required Immunizations

Immunization Requirements (pdf document)
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School Supplies

School Supply List 2016-17 (pdf document)
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Student Safety Information

Student Safety at School (pdf document)
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Safely to School (wmv document)
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Video on demonstrating safe and proper ways to transport children to and from school.