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Multi Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS):

Vision Statement:
All students' academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs are supported holistically to be choice- ready for college, career, and community (within a positive, safe, and productive learning environment.) We accomplish this through a continuum of services, an integrated framework of high quality instruction, data-based decision-making, collaboration, and shared leadership.

MTSS provides a framework in which schools can deliver early intervening services. It is a systematic prevention approach, the foundation of which is quality core instruction within the general education classroom. MTSS processes focus on how well students respond to changes in instruction or "interventions". Supplementary supports and interventions, both academic and behavioral, are provided to struggling students based on data collection and analysis. These supports and interventions vary in intensity based on student need, and will be provided by a variety of personnel, working collaboratively with general education and special education teachers.

There are six essential components the BPS MTSS framework: Assessment, Data-Based Decision Making, Evidenced-Based Multi-Tier Instruction, Infrastructure and Support Mechanisms, Fidelity and Evaluation, and School, Family, and Community Partnerships.

For more details on the six components click here.

Link to electronic ILP site

Student Plan Site



2016-2017 ELA Triggers (pdf document)
File Size: 218.64 kb

2016-2017 Math Triggers (pdf document)
File Size: 217.87 kb

2016-2017 Point Distibution (pdf document)
File Size: 247.97 kb

2016-2017 Point Values for Tiers (pdf document)
File Size: 112.4 kb

AIMS 40%tiles and ROI 15-16 (pdf document)
File Size: 260.83 kb

This document list 40%tile in all AIMS measures and Rate Of Improvement.

Fluency/Accuracy Cheat Sheet (pdf document)
File Size: 211.36 kb

Grades 4-5 Benchmark Data Sheet (pdf document)
File Size: 308.81 kb

Grades 6-8 Benchmark Data (pdf document)
File Size: 318.78 kb

Grades K-3 Benchmark Data Sheet (pdf document)
File Size: 321.16 kb

Guidelines for M-CAP Survel Level Assessments (pdf document)
File Size: 216.64 kb

Guidelines for M-COMP Survey Level Assesments (pdf document)
File Size: 219.56 kb

Guidelines for R-CBM Survey Level Assessments (pdf document)
File Size: 224.74 kb

Guidelines for Written Expression Survey Level Assessments (pdf document)
File Size: 257.31 kb

Intervention Attendance Tracking Form 1 (pdf document)
File Size: 200.89 kb

Intervention Attendance Tracking Form 2 (pdf document)
File Size: 79.18 kb

Intervention Attendance Tracking Form 3 (pdf document)
File Size: 116.52 kb

Intervention Attendance Tracking Form 4 (pdf document)
File Size: 69.39 kb

List of Approved Math Interventions (pdf document)
File Size: 269.36 kb

List of Approved Reading Interventions (pdf document)
File Size: 130.31 kb

List of Approved Strategies for Reading (pdf document)
File Size: 121.36 kb

Middle School ELA Pathways (pdf document)
File Size: 268.45 kb

Middle School Math Pathways (pdf document)
File Size: 281.85 kb

Rate of Progress (pdf document)
File Size: 258.07 kb

Vocabulary Terms and Definition (pdf document)
File Size: 214.23 kb

How To....Documents

How to Enter IOT Information onto Electronic ILP Site (pdf document)
File Size: 302.73 kb

How To Enter Progress Monitoring Scores (pdf document)
File Size: 155.04 kb

How to File Progress Monitoring Plans (pdf document)
File Size: 183.69 kb

How To Find Instructional Reading Level in Viewpoint (pdf document)
File Size: 165.63 kb

How To Print Parent Reports on AIMS (pdf document)
File Size: 229.17 kb

How To Review in AIMS (pdf document)
File Size: 175.95 kb

How To Run High School Early Warning Signs Report (pdf document)
File Size: 200.33 kb

How To Run Interim Aspire Reports (pdf document)
File Size: 246.01 kb

How To Run the Middle School Early Warning Signs Report (pdf document)
File Size: 271.19 kb

How to Set Up and Enter Progress Monitoring Schedule in AIMS (pdf document)
File Size: 492.17 kb

How to Tier in Viewpoint (pdf document)
File Size: 433.12 kb

Next Steps for PM Schedule that Ended (pdf document)
File Size: 217.18 kb

How to Create a New Problem Solving Process Form (pdf document)
File Size: 277.68 kb

How to Create Initial Intervention Plan on Electronic ILP (pdf document)
File Size: 190.33 kb

How To Review an Electronic ILP Plan (pdf document)
File Size: 216.79 kb

How To Creat a Subsequent Plan (pdf document)
File Size: 336.32 kb

Script on creating subsequent plans on the electronic ILP site.


Goal Setting Template (lsx document)
File Size: 101.33 kb

Diamond Template (pdf document)
File Size: 205.16 kb

Triangle Template (pdf document)
File Size: 6.36 kb

Four Quadrant Sort Reading (pdf document)
File Size: 263.04 kb

Math Four Quadrant Sort (pdf document)
File Size: 261.85 kb

Trainings and Presentations

AIMS Trianing Powerpoint (pdf document)
File Size: 3694.8 kb

Matching Intervention To Need and Documenting Tier 2 & 3 Interventions (pdf document)
File Size: 1665.4 kb

Using Benchmark Data to Determin Needs (pdf document)
File Size: 1876.58 kb

Problem Solving Process

Request for Assistance (pdf document)
File Size: 114.68 kb

Student Background Review (pdf document)
File Size: 161.83 kb

Instructional Planning (pdf document)
File Size: 194.42 kb

Intervention Fidelity Check (pdf document)
File Size: 71.92 kb

Problem Solving Process Summary (pdf document)
File Size: 114.63 kb

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