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What people ask...

What grade levels do you serve?

BECEP offers preschool services for kids ages 0-6 who qualify based on low income or special needs. Our 16 elementary schools serve students in grades K-5; 3 middle schools serve grades 6-8; 4 high schools are grades 9-12; and our alternative high school is for students who aren't succeeding in the traditional high schools.

Which school will my child attend?

Go to bismarckschools.org under the Parents tab on top, scroll down to Find Your School and click the link. When you type the address, put the house number first, then the street name, then the direction. Do not use punctuation. If you have problems, call the Registrar, (701) 323-4110.

How do I enroll my child?

Call (701) 323-4110 to make an appointment. We will need an updated copy of immunization records, the child's birth certificate from the State (not the hospital copy), and 2 proofs of residency. We will request the transcripts from your child's former school, so you don't need to bring those.

Transcript Release Form (pdf document)
File Size: 108.4 kb

Use this form to authorize release of student transcript information. Advance payment of $2.00 per transcript is required.

New Student Registration Form (pdf document)
File Size: 332.19 kb

Legal guardians need to fill out this form and return to their school office. If there is any additional information about the health and welfare of your child of which the school needs to be aware, please contact the school office directly.

What if I want my child to attend a different school than assigned by the boundaries?

You can complete a Transfer Request. They are only granted on a space-available basis. Forms are available at bismarckschools.org, Registration & Transfer link on the left, then Transfer Requests on the left. Decisions are made by the Asst. Supts.

Do you have before or after school care?

All elementary schools offer breakfast, which provides some supervision for students before school. Secondary schools also offer breakfast.

All of our elementary schools offer an after school program for a fee. Call the school to find out which program is offered there. It will either be BLAST, MREC or a school-run program.

Bismarck Parks & Recreation (link)

Bismarck Parks and Recreation District has parks, programs and facilities to keep your family moving, healthy and active. Click here to check out all the park district's offering.

Do you have a gifted program?

We believe all students are gifted in some way. We have a half-time Levels of Service (LOS) teacher in each elementary school. They provide resources for teachers to help students. They may also work 1-on-1 or in small groups with students and serve as advisors for after-school enrichment activities.

How do I learn about school activities?

For details about sports in our elementary schools, call Parks and Recreation, (701) 222-6455. For details about the athletic programs in our middle schools and senior highs, call our Activities office, (701) 323-4080. To learn more about our fine arts programs such as music and drama, call (701) 323-4082.

Is there free busing in Bismarck?

Yes. Call (701) 323-4502 if you have questions after reading the following information:

Elementary in-city busing: for students within city limits and living more than a half-mile from their K-5 schools. Students must live inside the attendance boundary for the school to receive busing.

Middle/High School in-city busing: for students within city limits that live more than one mile from Horizon, Simle, and Wachter middle schools and BHS, CHS and Legacy high schools. Students must live inside the attendance boundary for the school to be eligible for busing.

Other: Transportation is provided for special needs students as assigned by the Special Needs Dept., and for eligible Head Start students. Rural busing is for any student living outside the city limits and within the school district.

MORE QUESTIONS? Please contact Renae Walker, Director of Community Relations, (701) 323-4091, renae_walker@bismarckschools.org.

Which schools are the best?

We believe all of our schools are great! We work hard to provide a uniform curriculum and regular teacher training throughout the school year.

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