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Info Map P-R

Parent-Teacher Conferences:

See Conferences

Parent-Teacher Organizations:

Every public school has a parent-teacher group, which provides input to the principal and organizes special school activities and fundraisers. To join, call the school principal.

Physical Education:

The district employs trained physical education instructors to run its physical education program. Students in grades K-3 receive at least 60 minutes of physical education instruction per week; at least 90 minutes for children in grades 4-5. Middle level and senior high students must take one semester of physical education per year.


Medical exams are recommended for kids starting kindergarten or 1st grade. Physicals are required each year for students participating in middle or high school athletics.

Pre-School Services:



Decisions regarding promotion and retention are made cooperatively between the parent, child, teacher and principal. Factors such as physical and social maturity, stress, health, attitude, effort, and opportunity to improve are considered. It is strongly suggested that retention takes place early in a child's school career (K-2), though retention and promotion are not limited to these grades.


The school district uses the PowerSchool online system to keep track of student attendance and lunch accounts. All teachers use PowerTeacher Gradebook to enter grades and standards. Parents are assigned a code by the school so they can access this information. To learn more, contact the school secretary.

Reading Programs:

The school district has reading specialists in all 16 public elementary schools for students with the greatest need for support. In 2016-2017, 8 elementary schools (Northridge, Lincoln, Miller, Moses, Myhre, Pioneer, Roosevelt, and Will-Moore) will receive federal funds through Title I; the other 8 elementary schools are district-funded through the District Supplemental Look-a-like Reading Program. Title I also serves eligible non-public schools in Bismarck (Shiloh, St. Anne, St. Mary's, Cathedral, and Martin Luther). For more information, call (701) 323-4320.


Bismarck schools keep cumulative records of grades, achievement tests, attendance and immunization records, and other pertinent student data. These records are confidential and will not be released without parent permission. Records are automatically transferred when a student changes schools within the district. If a student moves outside of the district, copies of the records are provided to the child's new school free-of-charge upon request. Senior high graduates who request copies of transcripts for higher education or employment use will be charged $2 per transcript. Records are kept at the high schools for 3-4 years. After that, call (701) 323-4056.

Report Cards:

Progress reports are issued at trimesters for grades K-5 (Nov. 18, Feb. 17, and May 25) and every nine weeks during the school year for grades 6-12 (Oct. 28, Jan. 13, Mar. 24, and May 25). Report cards are distributed at parent-teacher conferences in the fall and spring. If parents do not attend, report cards are mailed or sent home with students (See Grading).


See Promotion/Retention